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A convert to Orthodoxy, '''Katjuscha''' was baptised into the [[Orthodox Church]] in September 2002in Munich, Germany. She Now back in the USA, she spends much of her time devoted to her family as wife and mother. One of her unflagging interests is in the Nazi resistance group "Die Weiße Rose" (The White Rose). In 2005, the movie "Sophie Scholl - The Final Days" premiered, bringing the story of the White Rose back to a native worldwide audience. One of Chicago, but has spent much founders of this group was the last few years living in Germany[[martyr]] and [[saint]] [[Alexander Schmorell]], with whom she feels a particular connection.
One of her many esoteric interests is in a Nazi resistance group by the name of "Die Weiße Rose" (The White Rose), one of whose members was the [[martyr]] [[Alexander Schmorell]].
She is an internet addict, though hopefully not all of it is wasted time. She is one of the moderators (along with [[User:Fedya911]]) at the LiveJournal group "Orthodox_single".
She also has the annoying habit of using British spellings, except in the case of the word "tire" (when used to in reference to the round things on a vehicle that help it move).
== External Links ==
* My website: [ Katja's Dacha]
* My White Rose site: [ The White Rose]
* Livejournal group "Orthodox Single" [ Livejournal group "Orthodox Single"]
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