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Deleting and editing By PISTEVO- ORTHODOXY IN AUSTRALIA & AUSTRALASIA: new section
: I have cleaned up the headings, having to move around some content as a result. [[User:Paharwell|Phil Harwell (paharwell)]] 08:58, December 11, 2012 (HST)
An official warning by Pistevo for stating facts is not warranted. I am an orthodox Priest and it seems that PISTEVO has personal agendas in promoting 'official churches' and disregarding other orthodox churches who follow the Julian Calender and have an official synod recognised by the government. As you will see in the following link one can see clearly who is official or not. From the moment that the Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Australia & Oceania is under the title of irregular status- and its description states they are under the omorphorion of Arb Serafeim- why has Pistevo purposley taken away the (OC) AND PUT SERAPHEIMITE?? tHIS HOLY SYNOD IN gREECE FOLLOWS THE old calender. From the moment that the descrption says they are under Serapheim- the OC should not be taken away. Why not put CYPRIANISM next to the Synod in Resistance, which you find straight after. All my contribution have constantly been attacked by PISTEVO as he is only wanting to promote the official Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. These pages are not here to promote but are they not here to state facts as an encyclopedia?? Before deleting the pages Greek Orthodox Churches in NSW, parishes of the Metropolis were also listed with clear clarification that they were not part of the Archdiocese of Australia but under the omorforion of the OC church of Greece (Serapheim). Why once again did Pistevo immediatley TOTALLY DELETE IT? Again this is supposed to be an enyclopedia-and these churches (regardless if they are in communion with 'official churches or not ARE STILL ORTHODOX CHURCHES IN THAT AREA. I cannot see what the problem was if they stated thaey are part of an old calender synod independent from the official church. It seems there are clearly other motives behind the constant harrasment by Pistevo, and this is unjust and not right.

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