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Alexander Schmorell

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[[File:AlexanderSchmorell.jpeg|right|thumb|250px|St. Alexander Schmorell]]
The Holy [[Martyr]] '''Alexander Schmorell''' was a medical student in Munich during World War II and one of the founding members of the anti-Nazi group, the White Rose. Along with the other members of the White Rose, he tried to rally popular support amongst Germans to try to resist Hitler and the Nazi regime. He was arrested in February 1943, and was executed on [[July 13]], 1943, at Stadelheim Prison in Munich.
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*[ Letters from Prison (English translation)]
*[ [[Jim Forest]]: A Canonization in Munich: Saint Alexander Schmorell]
*[ Archbishop +Mark's trip to Orenburg on the 90th anniversary of Alexander Schmorell's birth]
*[[Wikipedia: White_Rose]]

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