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Sergey Khudiev

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'''Sergey Lvovich Khudiyev''' ({{lang-ru|Сергей Львович Худиев}}; [[January 29|29 january]] [[1969]], [[:w:Severomorsk|Severomorsk]]) - russian is a Russian christian writer, essayist, journalist, and radiopresenter.
Born in Sergey was born on [[January 29]], 1969 in [[:w:Severomorsk|Severomorsk]], Murmansk oblast. He was [[baptism|baptized ]] into the [[Russian Orthodox Church]] in 1991.
Regular He is a regular contributor and presenter of "Radonezh" (radio and newspaper), and the author of several articles in the magazines, "Foma", "Alpha and Omega", "Orthodoxy and Modernity" ("Православие и современность"). Has He also has a weekly radio program, "Christianity: the difficult questions" ("Христианство: трудные вопросы") on Radio "TheosTeos".
He is director of academic work in the Library of Christian literature.
He conduct conducts lectures and discussions on theology and churistian christian apologetics.
He is the author of the book ''"About the Assurance of Salvation"'' ("Об уверенности в спасении"), and co-author of the book ''"Christianity: The Difficult Questions".''
* [ Sergey Khudiev: Let Your Yea Be Yea and Your Nay Be Nay]. Transl. Fr. [[Andrew Phillips]]. ''The Observer (The American Orthodox Institute Blog).'' July 6, 2011 9:19 AM.
* [ On Atheistic Fanaticism]. '''' Jun 20thJune 20, 2012.* [ Avoiding the Two Minutes Hate]. '''' Jul 25th, 2012* [ The Lord’s Brethren]. '''' June 4, 2014
'''In Russian'''<br>

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