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Sergey Khudiev

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'''Sergey Lvovich Khudiyev''' ({{lang-ru|Сергей Львович Худиев}}; [[29 january]] [[1969]], [[:w:Severomorsk|Severomorsk]]) - russian christian writer, essayist, journalist, radiopresenter.
Born in 1969 in Severomorsk Murmansk regionoblast. He was baptized into [[Russian Orthodox Church]] in 1991.
Regular contributor and presenter of "Radonezh" (radio and newspaper), the author of several articles in magazines, "Foma", "Alpha and Omega", "Orthodoxy and Modernity" ("Православие и современность"). Has a weekly radio program, "Christianity: the difficult questions" ("Христианство: трудные вопросы") on Radio "Theos".

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