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Interesting fact is that people coming from death tell that while on death they saw Jesus as God.
Here is another movie: so anything telling Jesus can not do that may be in error. One coworker had a car accident with 80 miles/hour that is more than 100km/hr, he died, met Jesus as God, returned back and became healthy again. He told me the story.
when somebody is dying or after is good to pray to Holy Mother of God to visit his souls and to teach the soul what can be done for his salvation and then to ask Jesus to visit the soul, receive it in heaven as the thief on the cross, give the soul baptism if needed, Holy Communion if needed, confession if needed and whatever God knows that this soul needs for all eternity. Then same can be prayed for as many souls as possible.
Grreat attention since in after life , Buddha does not come to meet the soul, Guru does not come to meet the soul, Jesus comes as GOD.
Here is a movie in which God the Father is with Jesus . God , while being one, is not limited as us to have only a conscience or a personality.
Think of this. You are in a 3D space and there is a 2D Universe like a cinema screen. You put one finger in the 2D Universe they say one. You put two fingers in the 2D Universe and give them personality , they say two, however in reality is one. Even if the connection is invisible it does exists. Trying to understand the infinite with finite mind is like trying to put the ocean onto a beach hole.
I think Jesus said something like, Father is in me and I am in the Father. Psalm possibly says that Father has given the lead of nations to Jesus or Son.
Even what was presented above can be wrong.
When people that I know about ask about best religion and denominations, EOC is answer.

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