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Rule of St. Benedict

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The Benedictine tradition was largely lost to the Orthodox Church until the 20th century, when a revival was seen, encouraged by the efforts to restore the [[Western Rite]] to Orthodoxy which began in the 19th century.
In 1962, under the leadership of its abbot, Dom Augustine (Whitfield), the Monastery of Our Lady of [[Mount Royal]], which had been an Old Catholic monastic community since its foundation in 1910, was received into the Moscow Patriarchal [[Russian Orthodox Church]] by Bishop [[Dositheus (Ivanchenko) of New York]]. It was later received into the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, in 1975, by Archbishop Nikon (Rkitzsky). Mount Royal continued up until 2010, finally ceasing with the repose of Abbot Augustine.
In 1993, Bishop [[Hilarion (Kapral) of New York|Hilarion (Kapral)]] of Manhattan (now Metropolitan Hilarion, First [[Hierarch]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]) blessed the founding of a new Benedictine monastery under its abbot, Dom James (Deschene), the former Prior of Mount Royal. Christ the Saviour Monastery (Christminster) today runs an oblate programme and seeks to make modest provision for the formation of [[clergy]] within the [[Western Rite]] of the Orthodox Church, a provision lacking in most Orthodox [[seminary|seminaries]]. It also publishes music and liturgical books to enhance the offering of the Western Rite Orthodox [[liturgy]].

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