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:When praying to God or in front of the relics of a Saint it is good to pray for both the problems you know about and the problems you don't know about. Regarding the problems you don't know about, you can pray for whatever Mother of God knows that you need.
:A diptych is a list on which names of persons alive or departed are recorded to be read for help at Holy Liturgy in front of God. The names of living and departed are written usually in two different columns. On the diptych, in the end can be mentioned "with all their relatives" as to give help to as many people as possible. Also it is customary to write people you don't know as a way of mercy.
:The power of the Holy relics is mentioned in Old Testament and there we see a dead person being thrown over the relics of a Prophet and that person becoming alive. If the relics of a prophet can turn death into life, the relics of a New Testament saint can do probably more because the New Law is more powerful than the Old Law.
:Even if relics were venerated for the first 1500 years of Christianity in all Europe, some denominations may be uneasy with this, even if Evangelist Luke painted icons, some denominations may be uneasy with icons, even if a cloth of prophet Elijah parted the waters of a river , a miracle being performed some denominations may be uneasy with miracles being performed through objects belonging to saints, even if many Apostles wrote Holy Liturgies as soon as starting around year 60, to some denominations may be celebrated on Sunday in Church, there are denominations uneasy with Holy Liturgy. This is life.
The Holy relics of Saint Paraskeve are located in city Iasi, a city that have an [ International Airport of a smaller scale] connected to the World.
The relics are located into the [,Ia%C8%99i,+Romania&cid=0,0,7148799511352223145&ei=tgMEUd6TPIT49QT9uYFI&ved=0CLsBEPwSMAc Metropolitan Cathedral] and can be venerated at any time the Church is open. The [ Metropolitan Cathedral] is usually open every day. Here is an youtube movie about Iasi .

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