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Meeting of the Lord

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In the [[Gospel of Luke]] 2:22-35, [[Theotokos|Mary]] and [[Joseph the Betrothed|Joseph]] took the infant Christ to the Temple in Jerusalem. He was received in the arms of the elder Simeon, who then prayed, "Now let Thy servant depart in peace... for I have seen Thy salvation." This was one of the things that Mary "pondered in her heart"—the fact that others recognized that her Son was the [[Messiah]].
==Celebration of the feast==
[[File:Menologion of Basil 037.jpg|right|thumb|Meeting of the Lord, (''Menologion of Basil II, 10th-11th c.'')]]
On the eve of the feast, [[Vespers]] is served and contains three [[Old Testament]] readings. The first is a composite of [[Exodus]] 12:15-13:16, [[Leviticus]] 12, and [[Numbers]] 8. The second reading is from [[Isaiah]] 6:1-12. And the third is a composite from Isaiah 19:1,3-5,12,16,19-21.

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