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Practical teachings on Jesus prayer for people in our age can be found in the book [ "On the Prayer of Jesus"] by [ Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov].This book is important because it shows the dangers coming while walking on this way and arriving at the high levels of prayer.
When seeing the unseen world, sick angels can become visible too and they can do some harm. Father Ilarion Argatu tells that sick angel materialized and palmed his face and that he prayed for the protection of the people around him as not to be affected by the sick angel. Praying for the protection of the family members, including grandsons grandchildren can be very important as well as praying for the protection of the goods. Father Ilarion Argatu children and grandchildren families have around 40 priests so praying for family members and for their future and salvation is very beneficial.
To allocate an important time to the prayer can have an impact on life and can be sustainable on some occupations and lifestyles. The decision to go on this way , as well as the decision of entering a monastery should probably not be taken based on an impulse. The best way can be seen immediately by somebody on a high level of prayer or by passing of several years on going on the way.

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