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Practical teachings about raising through prayer stages is done in the book "The way of The Pilgrim" and this book recommends saying "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me !" many times.
<br>The following steps are recommended:
<li>To say the prayer for 3000 times a day for around one week,
<li>To say the prayer for 6000 times a day for around another week
<li>To say the prayer for 12 000 times a day for around another week
<li>To continue saying the prayer
<br>Also, practical advice about the Prayer of the Hearth is done in the book named Philokalia. "The Way of the Pilgrim" book recommends a certain way in reading Philokalia so as to understand better the Prayer of the Hearth.
==Intercessory prayer==
Orthodoxy teaches that Jesus, in praying to his [[God the Father|Father]], prayed for his people, and he is the only competent intercessor for mankind before God. In his resurrected glory, he prays eternally to his Father on behalf of all. In and through Christ, Orthodox Christians become competent to intercede before God. In the name of Jesus, Christians are authorized to pray for each other and for all creation. All prayer is to God the Father, through his Son, in his [[Holy Spirit]], even if not mentioned in the words of the prayer.

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