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Irenei (Steenberg) of Sacramento

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== Biography ==
Matthew Craig Steenberg was born in 1978 in United States.
In the 2000s, he taught at Oxford and was a parishioner of the local Orthodox parish under the [[Moscow Patriarchate]]<ref></ref>.
He was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]] on [[August 15]]/[[August 28]](os), 2007 in London by [[Bishop]] [[Elisey (Ganaba) of Sourozh|Elisey of Bogorodsk]]. He served as deacon for the [[Diocese of Sourozh]].
He moved to San Francisco from England. January 2010 Archbishop [[Kyrill (Dmitrieff) of San Francisco|Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America]] has received Deacon Matthew Steenberg into the ranks of clergy of the Western American Diocese from the Diocese of Sourozh and assigned him to the St. Tikohon's of Zadonsk Church in San Francisco and as the new principal of St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy in San Francisco<ref>[ Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov
What is Your Name, Brother?]</ref><ref name=wadiocese></ref>.
[[March 8]] ([[February 23]] os), 2010 he [[tonsure]]d a [[monk]] with the name [[Irenaeus]] after St. [[Irenaeus of Lyons]] by [[Archbishop]] [[Kyrill (Dmitrieff) of San Francisco|Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America]]<ref name=wadiocese/>.
On [[March 14]] ([[March 1]] os), 2010 hierodeacon Irenaeus was ordained a [[priest]] at the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco by Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America.
* Prayer as the act from which all good comes
== References==<references/>
* [ A Note on Dr. Matthew Steenberg]
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