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Herman (Podmoshensky)

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'''Monk Herman'''Herman (Podmoshensky)secular name ''' (born: Gleb Dmitriyevich Podmoshensky'''; [[March 27]], 1934, Riga, Latvia - [[June 30]], 2014, Minneapolis, Minnesota) was the co-founder of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, and founding [[abbot]] of [[Monastery of St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood(Platina, California)|St. Herman of Alaska Monastery]]. He was an author and coauthor of several books about [[John (Maximovitch) the Wonderworker|St John Maximovitch]]. After many years serving as abbot of the monastery, he was suspended in 1984 pending investigation into accusations of serious moral offences and [[[Laicization||defrocked]] in 1988 by the [[ROCOR]] [[Holy Synod|Synod of Bishops]] for disobedience, which returned him the status of [[monk]]. Fr. Herman had suffered for at least a decade before his death from Parkinson’s disease and diabetes, and had noticeably weakened within the past several years of his life. {{start box}}{{succession|before=''founded''|title=Abbot of [[Monastery of St. Herman of Alaska (Platina, California)|Monastery of St. Herman of Alaska, Platina]]|years=1969-2000|after=[[Gerasim (Eliel)|Abbot Gerasim]]}}{{end box}} == Links ==* [ Герман (Подмошенский)] at site «Русское православие»* [ Fr. Herman (Podmoshensky) dies]

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