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Irenei (Steenberg) of Sacramento

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== Biography ==
He ordained deacon 15th / 28th August 2007 in London by Bishop [[Elisey (Ganaba) of Sourozh|Elisey of Bogorodsk]]. He served deacon at [[Diocese of Sourozh]].
He tonsured monk 23rd February / 8th March 2010 with name [[Irenaeus]].
He and ordained priest on 1st / 14th March 2010 in San Francisco, by Archbishop [[Kyrill (Dmitrieff) of San Francisco|Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America]].
Elevated to [[Archimandrite ]] 13th / 26th August 2011.
== Writings ==
* Gregory of Nyssa: Luminous Darkness
* Gregory Palamas: An Historical Overview
* [ Gregory Palamas: Knowledge, Prayer, and Vision]
* Hesychios the Priest: On Watchfulness and Holiness
* John Klimakos: On Repentance that Leads to Joy

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