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''This is paraphrased from the ROCOR regulations[] , and supplemented by the ROCOR Normal Parish By-laws[], to give an idea of what is required of rectors. Many of these regulations would apply across traditions.''
A rector is:
* Head of the parish, responsible to the Diocesan Authorities;
* The celebrant of divine services and ceremonies according to the Orthodox rite;* President of Parish Council and at each meeting or general meeting;
* The parish's representative to Diocesan Authorities in communications about all parish matters;
* Being the director of the parish school (if one exists).
A rector is responsible for:
* Instructing the parish members and those attending church on the rules of the Orthodox Faith and devotion;
* Instructing children in catechism;
* Proper organisation of church and parish;
* Assisting in establishing a school (if one does not exist);
* Establishing a school (if one does not exist);
* Organising missionary circles (and organising them if they don't exist);* Co-signing all cheques.
A rector supervises:
* Order and correctness of church correspondence;
* Preservation of church documents;
* The activities of the Parish Sisterhood;
* The religious-moral education and development of youth.
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