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Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America

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Reunion in 1985
== Reunion in 1985 ==
In 1985, Metropolitan Petros began talks with the Synod culminating in his return to the Synod. He was given a title of Metropolitan of Astoria, which was an irregular since act given the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Paisios, the Metropolitan of North and South America, resided down the street. Nevertheless, this was an attempt to find peace in the church, which lasted until Metropolitan Paisios left the Synod again went into schism in 1995 to join the [[Lamian Synod]], and then from it the [[Athanasian Synod]], and finally found himself joining joined the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]] in 1998. From 1995 on, Metropolitan Petros can be considered as the Metropolis of America was joined to the Metropolis of Astoria until the consecration of Metropolitan Pavlos (Stratigeas) in 1998, presiding over one unified Metropolis of North and South America.
== Ascension of Metropolitan Pavlos ==

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