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Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America

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Dispute over Grace
In 1974, the Synod of the Greek Old Calendarist Church reiterated its belief that the [[Church Calendar|New Calendar Church]] was schismatic and devoid of grace. Metropolitan Petros was opposed to this decision and asked the ROCOR bishops what to do, since they had consecrated him, and his consecration certificate stated that he would defer to the Synod if any question arose. While this may seem a simplistic reasoning, the Metropolitan was concerned about keeping his pledge.
By not signing the declaration, Metropolitan Petros was forced out of the Synod of the GOC, and as a result the [[Metropolis of North and South America]] passed first to [[Metropolitan]] [[Anthony]] and then Archimandrite [[Paisios (Loulourgas)]]. The latter was eventually consecrated a bishop in 1979 and took his [[Cathedral]] seat at [[Saint Irene Chrysovalantou Monastery]] in Queens. From this point on he was the ruling bishop of the Metropolisof America until his deposition in 1995.
== Reunion in 1985 ==

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