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Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy (Toronto, Ontario)

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Previous Dean
==Mission Statement==
The Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy exists to serve the Church in Canada in her sacred mission and witness to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through the advancement of Orthodox thought and life. Since the priestly ministry is essential to the life of the Orthodox Church, the education of men who are called to be Priests priests is one of the primary objectives of the Academy. In the future, an equally important objective will be to provide specialized training for men or women who wish to serve the Church through the important lay ministries such as teachers, secretaries, youth directors and chanters or choir directors. In all areas of study, the Academy seeks to provide sound theological reflection on the vital issues facing the Church.
Theological education involves much more than purely academic endeavours. In the true spirit of Orthodox Christianity, formal educational development, academic excellence and personal growth are inseparably bound to the values, spirit and experience of the Orthodox faith. Life and study at the Academy, in all its diverse aspects, is a dynamic process which takes place at the level of shared values and concerns. The students experience the ethos and spirit, the thought and tradition, the life and practice of the catholic and apostolic faith in a holistic manner while studying and living at the Academy.
Subjects include: Byzantine Music; Dogmatics; Liturgics; Greek Language; Old Testament; New Testament; Orthodox Spirituality; Patrology; Church History; Pastoral Studies; Ethics; Parish Administration; Evangelization & Missions; Orthodoxy in Canada and the World; and, World Religions.
==Dean’s Biography==The V. Rev. Fr. Ignatios Delis was born in 1946 in Almiro, Magnesias, Greece. His early education was completed in Volos. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1972) and also studied at the Theological School of the same University. He served Greece as a cadet Officer and as a second lieutenant (1972-1974). He taught as a Professor of Literature at the Athoniada Ecclesiastical School of Agion Oros (1975-1981), and then at TEE (Technical Professional School) of Neon Moudanon Chalkidiki. He successfully completed further studies at SELME (School for Teachers of Middle Education) in Thessaloniki. In 1982, he was ordained a deacon and a priest, serving the Holy Metropolises of Langada and Kassandria until 2004. Since 2004, with the decision of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece and the Ministry of Education and Religion, he has been serving as a clergyman and professor of the Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy of the Holy Metropolis of Toronto (Canada). He was appointed the Dean of the Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy in 2006. ==Previous DeanDeans ==
* 1998-2006 - Bishop [[Christophoros (Rakintzakis) of Andida]]
* since 2006 - fr. [[Ignatios Delis]]
==Seminary Churches==

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