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Ibas of Edessa

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His early life is largely unknown. Ibas first appeared as a [[presbyter]] in the church of Edessa during the episcopate of Bishop [[Rabbula of Edessa]]. Edessa was in the northern part of ancient Mesopotamia - now southeastern Turkey. While Rabbula was opposed to the views of [[Nestorius]] and Theodore of Mopesuestia, Ibas, who was in charge of the school of Edessa, took opposition to his [[bishop]]'s stand. He admired the writings of Theodore and translated them into Syriac and disseminated them throughout the east.
The school of Edessa was popular throughout Persia and the east and provided opportunities for propagating Theodore's beliefs. While Rabbula was very concerned with these clearly [[heresy|heretical]] doctrines and endeavored to get the doctrines anathematized and burned, the church of Edessa favored Theodore's teachings and supported Ibas against his bishop, Rabbula.

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