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New Martyrs of Optina Pustyn

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Hieromonk Vasily (Igor Roslyakov)
This is a narrative about three [[martyr]]s from the Optina Pustyn monastery in Central Russia. All three monks were killed by a satanist on Easter night in 1993. We would like to pay homage to the memory of these three remarkable people, hoping their story will serve to strengthen the spirit of many Christians, who sincerely embrace the Faith.
== Hieromonk Vasily Basil (Igor Roslyakov) ==
The first person we'd like to tell you about is Muscovite Igor Roslyakov, one of those who began the process of this revival.
When in 1984, upon embracing the Faith, he started going to [[church]] regularly, one pilgrim, casting a glance in his direction, said: "A monk is praying." At the time, Igor never even dreamt of monkhood. He could always be seen in one and the same spot at the Epiphany Cathedral, in one of Moscow's central districts. A long time ago, a village by the name of Yelohovo used to be situated here—the home place of Moscow's great saint—St.Basil the Blessed.
[[Image:83_Hieromonk_Vasily.jpg|thumb|left|Hieromonk Vasily Basil (Roslyakov)]]When inside the church, Igor invariably stood near the [[icon]] of St.[[Basil the Blessed]]. If you stand in exactly this spot, then you will find yourself facing, in the iconostasis, the large icon of Archangel Michael and above it—the icon of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. Years later, Igor shall take the habit and receive the name of Vasily, or Basil, in honor of Basil the Blessed. Later, on the day in memory of [[Archangel Michael]], Basil was [[ordination|ordained]] at the monastery church, consecrated in honor of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. However, back then in 1984, Igor Roslyakov had no way of seeing that far into the future.
On [[June 21]], 1988, Igor Roslyakov became an inhabitant of the Optina Pustyn, which then lay in ruins. Together with the then far from numerous brethren, he faced the daunting task of rebuilding the holy site.
Hegumen Melkhisedek recalls how he was once christening one Irina, and lay-brother Igor Roslyakov was helping him:
[[Image:83_Future_Hieromonk_Vasily_Roslyakov.jpg |thumb|right|Future Hieromonk Vasily Basil (Roslyakov)]]
"I conducted the christening itself, while Igor was holding Irina by the hand, just in case, since the christening was done in a deep holy natural spring. After the third submersion, Igor saw that rays of light were emanating from Irina's eyes." Grace is experienced at every christening ceremony, yet Igor was blessed with a God-given ability to not only sense it, but actually see it.
Not long before his death, Father Basil took this cross and went with it to the icon workshop, where two monks — icon-painters were working. One of them was celebrating his Name day. Father Basil congratulated him, and presented him with his cross, saying: "I should like you to keep it with you for a while. Let's go find a place for it together." The cross was hung on the wall near the Icon corner. Later it transpired that Father Basil had brought this Calvary cross to the place of his own private Calvary: he was killed near the icon workshop, falling down right opposite the cross.
On [[August 9]], 1993, holy chrism was seen to appear on this cross, on the left side, under the Savior's ribs. The drops were large and didn't dry for two weeks. It seemed as if the cross was miracle-working!
==Monk Trophim (Alexei Tatarnikov)==

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