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Boris I of Bulgaria

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In 889, Boris abdicated and became a [[monk]]. Yet, he retained the right to take an active part in the government of the state. After he abdicated, his eldest son and successor, [[w:Vladimir_of_Bulgaria|Vladimir]], tried to restore the old pagan religion. Offended, Boris returned to active politics, and with the aid of loyal boyars and the army, he [[deposition|deposed]] his son, replacing him with his third son, whose rule gained him the title [[w:Simeon_I_of_Bulgaria|Simeon the Great]]. These changes were affirmed at the 893 Council of Preslav that also banished the Byzantine [[clergy]] and replaced them with Bulgarian clergy. Also, the Council moved the capital to Preslav and replaced the [[Divine Liturgy|liturgy]] in Greek with one in [[Old Church Slavonic]], as the official language of the Bulgarian Church and the state.
Having set the Bulgarian state in order, Boris returned to a [[monasticism|monastic]] life and reposed on [[May 2]], 907.
*[[Wikipedia: Boris_I_of_Bulgaria]]
*[ Britannica: Boris I]
*[ OCA: St. Boris (in Holy Baptism Michael), Equal of the Apostles, Prince and Baptizer of Bulgaria]
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