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Cyril IV (David) of Alexandria

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[[Image:PopeKyrillosIV(110th).jpg|thumb|127px|Icon of HH Pope St. Kyrillos IV, 110th Pope of Alexandria]] His Holiness [[Pope]] St. '''Cyril (Kyrillos) IV''' (born Daoud (David) in 1816) was the 110th [[Coptic]] Pope of Alexandria and [[Patriarch]] of the See of St. [[Apostle Mark|Mark]] from 1854 to 1861. Despite his relatively short papacy, he is justly regarded as the 'Father of Reform' of the Coptic Orthodox Church in modern times. He is credited for establishing a great printing house and printing many Church books.
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before=[[Peter VII (Mankarius) of Alexandria|Peter VII]]|title=[[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)|Pope of Alexandria (Coptic)]]|years=1854–1861|after=[[Demetrius II (Mikhail) of Alexandria|Demetrius II]]}}
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==Sources and further details==
* [ Coptic Orthodox Synaxarium (Book of Saints)]
* [ The Renewal of Coptic Orthodoxy in the Twentieth Century]
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