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Cyril V (John) of Alexandria

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[[Image:PopeKyrillosV(112th).jpg|thumb|127px|HH Pope St. Kyrillos V, 112th Pope of Alexandria]] His Holiness [[Pope]] St. '''Cyril (Kyrillos) V''' (born Youhanna (John) in 1824 or 1830/1831 according to different accounts) was the 112th [[Coptic]] Pope of Alexandria and [[Patriarch]] of the See of St. [[Apostle Mark|Mark]] for fifty-two years and nine months, from [[November 1]], 1874 until his departure from our vanishing world on [[August 7]], 1927.
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before=[[Demetrius II (Mikhail) of Alexandria|Demetrius II]]|title=[[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)|Pope of Alexandria (Coptic)]]|years=1874–1927|after=[[Youanes XIX (John) of Alexandria|Youanes (John) XIX]]}}
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==Sources and further details==
* [ Coptic Orthodox Synaxarium (Book of Saints)]
* [ The Renewal of Coptic Orthodoxy in the Twentieth Century]
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