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OrthodoxWiki:Logo Submissions

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Logos from User:Joe Rodgers
Please post your submissions for the [[OrthodoxWiki:Logo Contest]] here. Thank you!<br>
We're getting some very interesting designs. Please comment here or on the [[Orthodox Wiki OrthodoxWiki talk:Logo Submissions|talk page]]. Old discussion has been [[OrthodoxWiki talk:Logo Submissions/archive|archived]].
''(Note: We're looking to keep this context open awhile, at least another month. We'd love to hear from as many people as possible before making a final decision. Thanks for all your submissions! -- The [[UserOrthodoxWiki:FrJohnLogo Contest|Fr. JohnLogo Contest]])will end November 15. Please get your submissions in!'''Let's see some nominations for top pick!
==Gold Cross World Logo==
[[Image:GoldCrossWorldLogo.gif|left|Gold Cross World logo]]
This submission is from [[User:HappyGrevling]]. He explains: "It has a stylized Orthodox cross in the background, with an image of the earth, representing universal, pan-Orthodox appeal. The logotype appears in an old looking scroll to give it an "ancient" feel."
===Comments===* Looks nice! -Logos by [[User:FrJohnHappyGrevling|Fr. JohnHappyGrevling]]===<gallery>Image:GoldCrossWorldLogo.gifImage:DomesLogo.gifImage:SealLogo1.gifImage:SealLogo2.gifImage:Silver-cross-logo.png</gallery>
* Minor===Logos by [[User: The lower part of the globe is a bit [httpDanny|Danny]]===<gallery>Image:Wiki.jpgImage://wwwWiki2.answersjpgImage:Wiki3.comjpg</dithered#Technology dithered]. Better reproduce this part of the logo in a smoother full-color rendition (use non-palletized PNG for background transparency rather than GIF).gallery>
===Logos by [[User:WebmasterConstantine]]===<brgallery>Image:Northstar.jpgImage:Owcrossstar.jpgImage:Churchsun.jpg<br><br><br/gallery>
===Logos from [[User:Raphael]]===
'''Go with this one''', although I'd give it a light Cyan bacground===Logos by Anonymous===<gallery>Image:OWlogo. The other three logos of my creation still have their usesgifImage:OWlogo2. After the removal of the words "OrthodoxWiki", the first one would make a great church flaggifImage:Redcirclelogo. The second has already been used as a wallpaper. The third one, if I can talk Fr. John into it, would be a part of a new section of digitized Church Scetches that would be nice to add to OrthodoxWikigifImage:OW_LogoSilver.gif</gallery>
WebmasterConstantine===Submissions from [[User:ASDamick|Dcn. Andrew]]===<gallery>Image:HagiaSophiaLogo-small.PNGImage:HagiaSophiaLogo2-small.PNGImage:ChurchesLogo-small.PNGImage:AltarLogo-small.PNG</gallery>
==North Star Logo==Submissions from a friend of [[ImageUser:Northstar.jpg|leftMagda|Webmaster Constantine's North Star logoMagda]]===<brgallery>This logo was submitted by [[UserImage:WebmasterConstantine]] on Tuesday, SeptDEOWlogo1. 27th 2005. He writespngImage: "It is a modified Alaskan Flag, a Midnight Blue field with a Golden Big DipperDEOWlogo2. Replacing Polaris, the North Star, is the Blessing Cross. The Year 1794 is also displayed, all pointing to the fact that Orthodox Christianity first set foot in America in 1794 on Alaskan Soil, that Christ, symbolzed by the North Star, is whom we navigate by, and that American Orthodoxy points to Christ, as proclaimed by our early Alaskan Fathers."<br>png<br/gallery>
===CommentsSubmissions from [[User:Guldfisken|Guldfisken]]===* My initial take is this<gallery>Image: I appreciate the symbolism very much, and I like the stylized font for "OrthodoxWiki." I am concerned however, that, though the official language of this Wiki is English, it is not intended specifically as an American (or North American) project. We are grateful to have contributors from all over the world. I also have concerns about the visual effect of the strong blue background and the squareLogoidea-gfisken-block designsmall. One thing I like about it though is the way it integrates an OrthodoxWiki logo with a sense of mission and history/heritage/legacypng</the saints. It's a very nice creative effort in this regard. - [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]] 16:41, 27 Sep 2005 (EDT)gallery>
==Two more from From [[User:WebmasterConstantineBaker|Baker]]=={| align="center" <gallery>|[[Image:Owcrossstartextlogo.jpg|Rainbow Star Cross]] gif| [[Image:Churchsuntextlogo2.jpg|Church Sun logo]]gif|}</gallery>
===Comments=Logos from [[User:Rublevpupil]]==A usability tip<gallery>Image: It's always useful to test/optimize graphics for color blind visionRublevpupillogo1a. Use this free simulatorjpgImage: httpRublevpupillogo2.jpgImage:// the URL of the current page with the logos(httpImage://www2Rublevpupillogo4.orthodoxwiki.orgjpg</OrthodoxWiki:Logo_Submissions ), select a color vision type (try all three) and see if results are>
==Iconic Book Logos from [[User:Joe Rodgers]]==Click on logos to view details about the choice of words and imagery.
[[Image:Wiki_Logo.jpg|left|Raphael's suggestion]] A logo suggestion from [[user:Raphael|Raphael]]. I used the idea of a book such as one might see in an icon. The light of knowledge and a larger sphere representing "the net". <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><brgallery>==One more from [[User:Raphael]]==[[Image:Wiki_logo2orthodoxwiki-logo2-black.png|Raphael's suggestion 2]] Another logo suggestion from [[userImage:Raphael|Raphael]]. This one is now my first choice. It has a nice soothing blue background, and it gets the idea across. Put a period between Orthodox & Wiki, and it would be perfect. WebmasterConstantine <br>  * This is also a nice logo. It would be my second choice so far. My only concern is how it will look on any sort of textured or colored background (specifically the upper left corner of this page). It would be unfortunate to have to put it in a white box. I don't think it needs a period. --HappyGrevling ==OOO WWW Logo==I received this by email anonymously this morning orthodoxwiki-logo2- not sure who would get the creditcolor. - [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]png[[Image:OWlogo.gif]] [[Image:OWlogo2.gif]] ===Comments===I like the first "O" and the Cross being the "t", as well as the decreasingorthodoxwiki-logo2-sized wiki, but perhaps the other "o"s in "Orthodox" could just be regularlycolor-sized for balance? [[User:Magda|{{User:Magda/sig}}]] 12:32, 1 Oct 2005 (EDT) ::Looks like a second logo was submitted according to your suggestions, Magdanika. [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]pngI consider this too much of a good thing. It's the type of thing I would do in my younger days. One O or T would be enough.<br/gallery>- [[User:WebmasterConstantine|WebmasterConstantine]] ==Circle Logos==Two variations submitted by the same anonymous person as above. [[Image:Redcirclelogo.gif]] [[Image:OW_LogoSilver.gif]]  Also acceptable. Subdued, but gets the idea across. WebmasterConstantine

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