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[[Image:Spyridon.jpg|100px|St. Spyridon of Trimythous]]<br>
[[Image:Peter the Aleut.jpg|100px|St. Peter the Aleut]]
</div> Hieromartyr Alexander, [[SaintBishop]] of Jerusalem (250-251);Martyr Aitherius (Aetherius), under Maximian, tortured and beheaded for refusing to sacrifice to idols (ca.286-305);Saint [[Spyridon of Trimythous|Spyridon]] (Spiridon) the [[Wonder-worker]] of Trymithous(348);Venerable Amonathus, [[monk]];Venerable Anthus, monk;Saint Euphemiane;Martyr John, Abbot of the Zedazeni Monastery, Georgia (9th c.) (see also [[May 7]]);Martyr Synesius (Synetus) of Rome, a [[Reader]], tortured and beheaded for refusing to sacrifice to idols (270-275);Martyrs Maxentius, Constantius, Crescentius, Justinus and their Companions, martyrs in Trier in Germany in the reign of Diocletian, under the governor [[w:Rictius Varus|Rictiovarus]] (ca.287);Saint Abra of Poitiers, daughter of St Hilary of Poitiers in France (ca.360);Saint Corentinus of Quimper, first Bishop of Quimper in Brittany, who had lived as a hermit at [[w:Plomodiern|Plomodiern]] (490);Saint Finian of Clonard and Skellig Michael, teacher of Ireland and one of the fathers of Irish monasticism (549);Saint Columba of Terryglass (Columba of Tyrdaglas), born in Leinster in Ireland, he was a disciple of St Finian and Abbot of Tyrdaglas in Munster (552);Saint Gregory of Terracina, a disciple of St Benedict, and with his brother St Speciosus, a [[monk]] at Terracina in Italy (ca.570);Saint Cormac (Cormac mac Eogain), an Abbot in Ireland and friend of St Columba (6th c.);Saint Colman of Glendalough in Ireland, Abbot (659);Saint Agatha, nun at Wimborne in Dorset in England and a disciple of St Lioba, she went to Germany to help St Boniface in his [[missionary]] work (ca.790); Saint John, [[Metropolitan]] of Zichon, founder of the [[Monastery]] of the Forerunner on Mt. Menikion (north-east of Serres) (1333);Venerable Therapontus, Abbot of Monza (1597);Venerable [[Herman of Alaska|Herman]], Wonder-worker [[Wonderworker]] of Alaska (1836) (see also [[December 13]]- repose; and [[August 9]] - feast day); '''Other Commemorations''':[[synaxisSynaxis]] of the first First [[martyrMartyr]]s of the American land (see also [[September 24]]): [[Hieromartyr]] [[Juvenal of Alaska|Juvenal]] the [[Protomartyr]] of America(1796), [[Peter the Aleut]](ca.1815), and New-Martyrs of Russia Anatole (Kamensky) of Irkutsk and , Seraphim (Samoilovich) of Uglich; Hieromartyr Alexander, and priests [[BishopJohn Kochurov|John (Kochurov)]] of Jerusalem; Martyr Synesius Chicago (Razumnik1917) and [[Alexander Hotovitzky|Alexander (or SynetusKhotovitsky) ]] of Rome; Saint Therapontes, New York (1937) (see also [[AbbotSeptember 24]] - Synaxis of All Saints of MonzaAlaska); Saints Amonathus and Anthus, Repose of Flegont (Ostrovsky) (''Desert-dweller Flegont of [[monkw:Moksha River|Maksha River]]s; Saint John, [[Metropolitan]] of ZichonPenza''), founder of the [[MonasteryStylite]] of the Kimlyai ([[John the Forerunnerw:Mordovia|ForerunnerMordovia]] on Mount Menikion; Desert-dweller Flegont of Maksha River, Penza; Saint Finian, Abbot of Clonard and Skellig Michael) (1870). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|December 12]]</noinclude>

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