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'''Non-liturgical items''', (some of which may be worn during the course of the liturgy)
*[[Anterri]]/[[Podrjaznik]] - inner cassock, but does not have buttons down the front like the Roman cassock *[[Exorasson]]/[[Ryassa]]/[[Jibbee]], rason - outer cassock, a large, flowing garment
*[[Pectoral cross]] - in Orthodoxy, the pectoral cross is the sign of a priest, not a bishop; a plain silvertone (usually pewter) cross is common to most priests, especially of the Russian tradition; the gold and jeweled pectoral crosses are given as awards to clergy; the highest award that can be given to a priest is a second pectoral cross (i.e. the priest may wear two pectoral crosses)
*[[Skufiya]] - a soft-sided cap, may be peaked (Russian style) or flat (Greek style)
*[[Phelonion]] - large conical sleeveless garment worn over all other vestments, with the front largely cut away to facilitate the priest's movements
*[[Nabedrennik]] - a stiffened square cloth worn on the left side via a long loop of cloth placed over the right shoulder (if the epigonation/palitsa has also been awarded, it is worn on the right side); this is a clergy award, so it is not worn by all priests
*[[Epigonation]]/[[Palitsa]] - like the nabedrennik, except it is diamond-shaped and always worn on the right side(loop over the left shoulder); also a clergy award; in Greek practice, denotes a priest blessed to hear confessions*[[Mitre]] - not like the Roman miter, it is very much like a crown, and is adorned with icons; this is a clergy award for priestsin the Russian tradition; the priestly mitre does not have a cross on its top; Russian practice allows the award of the mitre to nonmonastic clergy
For the bishop:
*Pateritsa/Zhezl/[[Crozier]] - the staff; may be tau-style (T-shaped), with the crossbeam bent and surmounted by a cross, or serpent-style, showing two intertwined serpents, also surmounted by a cross.
See also: [[Liturgical colourscolors]]
(Text courtesy of [[Wikipedia:Vestment|Wikipedia]].)
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