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In October 2004 the ninth council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Diaspora nominated Archimandrite [[Andriy (Peshko) of Krateia|Andriy (Peshko)]] for election as auxiliary bishop for the Church in Western Europe. Fr. Andriy was consequently elected Bishop of Krateia by the Holy Synod of the Church of Constantinople and, after his consecration in December 2004, took up oversight of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom. Bishop Andriy served in the diocese until his election in 2008 as auxiliary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Eparchy of Central Canada.
==Eparchy Todaytoday==
The Eparchy of Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand currently consists of 10 parishes in Australia, 8 parishes in the United Kingdom, 8 parishes and missions in Germany, 2 parishes in Belgium, 2 parishes in France, and 1 parish in New Zealand. Although both the diocesan cathedral and consistory are located in London the diocese's ruling bishop currently resides in Genk, Belgium.

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