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John (Derewianka) of Parnassus

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Following the repose of his wife Fr. Ivan was [[tonsure]]d in 1989 by [[Metropolitan]] [[Mstyslav (Skrypnyk) of Kiev|Mstyslav (Skrypnyk)]] of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Abroad, who gave him the name Ioann or John (a variation of his birth name). The following day on [[September 27]], [Hieromonk]] John was elevated to the rank of [[archimandrite]]. Two years later, on [[October 27]], 1991, Archimandrite John was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Bishop of London and Great Britain.
When the Ecumenical Patriarchate received the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA|Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of the Diaspora]] into its [[jurisdiction]] Bishop John was confirmed as the ruling bishop of the Eparchy of Great Britain, being elected by the Church of Constantinople as the [[Titular bishop|titular Bishop]] of Parnassus. At the 1999 council ([[sobor]]) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Diaspora Bishop John was elevated to the rank of archbishop and given care of the Ukrainian Orthodox Eparchy of Western Europe, with which his Eparchy of Great Britain was merged. In early 2000 Archbishop John's diocese was further enlarged to include the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox parishes in Australia and New Zealand.

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