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Macarius (Ilyinsky) of New York

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As an [[archpriest]], Fr. Michael in 1934 in the midst of the reaffirmation of "temporary self-government" by the Metropolia at its 5th All-American Sobor suggested that a delegation be sent to Moscow to explain this status, though his suggestion met with no support.
On [[October 13]], 1935, Fr. Michael was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] [[Bishop]] of Boston under the [[monastic]] name '''Macarius'''. In 1937, Bp. Makary Macarius was appointed Bishop of Brooklyn and was also named rector of the newly established [[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, New York)|St. Vladimir's Seminary]] in New York. (ibid., 334)
In 1937 at the Metropolia's 6th [[All-American Sobor]] in New York City, where a decision was made to renew relations with the [[ROCOR]] (See: ''[[ROCOR and OCA]]''), Bishop Makary Macarius "gave as his opinion that the commitment to the agreement was more in the nature of a moral than an administrative agreement" (Surrency, 46).
In January of 1946, along with Bishop Alexey of Alaska, Makary Macarius broke from the Metropolia and was united to the [[Church of Russia]] as a result of the Metropolia's continued support of the ROCOR and its distancing of itself from Moscow (ibid., 54). MakaryMacarius's act was met with an [[anathema]] by the Metropolia, which Moscow called on the Metropolia to withdraw in 1947 as it named Makary Macarius as ''Archbishop of New York'' and ''Patriarchal Exarch of All America and Canada'' (ibid., 58).
Makary Macarius was raised to the rank of [[metropolitan]] by Moscow on [[August 5]], 1952, and reposed in the Lord on [[November 12]], 1953.
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