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[[Image:Bede.jpg|100px|The Venerable Bede]]
</div> [[SaintHieromartyr]] [[BedeTherapont of Sardis]] , Bishop, by beheading (259);Martyr Julius the Veteran, at [[Venerablew:Silistra|Dorostolum]], in [[Hieromonkw:Moesia|Moesia]] of Wearmouth(297);Virgin-Jarrowmartyr Theodora, and Martyr Didymus the Soldier, at Alexandria (304);Martyr Eusebiotus, by fire;Martyr Alypius, by stoning; Martyr Juliana (see also [[HieromartyrMarch 4]] );Hieromartyr Helladius, Bishop (6th-7th c.);Saint Michael of Parekhi, Georgia (8th-9th c.);Saint Basil of Khakhuli, son of King [[Therapont w:Bagrat III of SardisGeorgia|TherapontBagrat III]], (11th c.);Saint Restituta and Companions (272) (see also [[BishopMay 17]] ); Saint Eutropius of Orange, succesor of St Justin as Bishop of SardisOrange in France, when the diocese had been laid waste by the Visigoths (475); Hieromartyr AlladiusVenerable Melangell of Wales, Abbess (590); Virgin-Martyr Theodora and Martyr Didymus Ranulf (Ragnulf), in Thélus near Arras in France, (the soldier at Alexandriafather of St. Hadulph, Bishop of Arras-Cambrai) (700); Saint TherapontVenerable [[Bede]] the Confessor, [[AbbotHieromonk]] of Byelozersk[[w:Monkwearmouth-Jarrow Abbey|Wearmouth-Jarrow]] (735); Saint Bruno of Würzburg, Bishop of Würzburg (1045);Venerable Therapontof White Lake, [[Abbot ]] of MonzaByelozersk (White Lake) and Mozhaisk (1426); Saint [[John the RussianPhilip I of Moscow|Philip I]], whose [[relics]] are on the island Metropolitan of Moscow (1473);Venerable Therapont of Monza, Abbot of EuboiaMonza (1597); Venerable Hiero-schema-monk Lazarus of [[MartyrPskov-Caves Monastery]] Eusebiotus(1824); Martyr Alypius; uncovering Venerable Elias, of the Russia (see also [[relicsDecember 7]] of );Saint [[Neilos John the YoungerRussian]], whose [[styliterelics]] of Seliger Lake; translation of are on the relics of Saint [[Nilus Metropolis of Chalkida|island of StolbenskEuboea]](1730);Saint Alexis (Mechev), Priest of Moscow (1922); translation '''Other Commemorations''':Translation of the relics (1472) of Saints Sts. [[Cyprian of Kiev|Cyprian]](1406), [[Photius of Kiev|Photius]](1431), and [[Jonah (1461), Metropolitans of Kiev;Translation of the relics (1667) of Venerable Nilus of [[w:Stolobny Island|JonahStolobny Island]] ([[stylite]], of [[Metropolitanw:Lake Seliger|Seliger Lake]]s ) (1554);Repose of KievBlessed Zina of [[w:Vetluga|Vetluga]] (1960); <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|May 27]]</noinclude>

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