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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div> [[Apostle]]s [[Apostle Carpus|Carpus]] and [[Apostle Alphaeus|Alphaeus]] of the [[Seventy Apostles|Seventy]] (1st c.); [[Martyr]]s Abercius and Helen, children of Apostle Alphaeus(1st c.); Great-Martyr Julius, Roman soldier, by beheading, at Dorostolum in [[George the Neww:Mysia|Mysia]] (Asia Minor) (302);Saint Synesius, Bishop of [[w:Karpasia (town)|Karpasia]] at Sofiain Cyprus, Bulgaria; [[SaintWonderworker]] (ca.5th c.);Venerable John of Psichaita the Confessor , of Constantinople(ca.825) (see also [[May 7]] - Greek); Hieromartyr Zacharias, Bishop of Vienne, suffered under Trajan (106);Hieromartyr Simitrius priest, and 22 other martyrs, who suffered under Antoninus Pius, at Rome (159);Saint [[Augustine Eleutherius of CanterburyRome]], [[EvangelizerPope]] of EnglandRome (189); Queen BerthaSaints Fugatius (Fagan) and Damian (Deruvianus, Dyfan), Apostle sent by Pope Eleutherius to England to preach the Anglo-Saxons Gospel (2nd c.);Martyr Priscus, a Roman legionary officer, and a great multitude of other Christians of [[w:Besançon|Besançon]], near Auxerre (272);Martyrs Felicissimus, Heraclius, and Paulinus, at KentTodi in Umbria (303);Martyr Quadratus, a martyr in North Africa;Saint Bécán, a hermit near Cork in Ireland in the time of St Columba; founder of [[w:Kilbeggan|Kilbeggan]], Westmeath, worked in a monastery there (6th c.); Saint Edmund[[Augustine of Canterbury]], King Evangelizer of England(605);Saint Oduvald, a noble who became a monk and later Abbot of [[w:Melrose Abbey|Melrose Abbey]] in Scotland (698);Saint Regintrudis, fourth Abbess of [[w:Nonnberg Abbey|Nonnberg Abbey]] near Salzburg in Austria;Saint Guinizo, born in Spain, became a [[monk]] at [[Monte Cassino|Montecassino]] in Italy (ca.1050); New Martyr Priscos [[George the New|George of AuxerreSofia]] (George the New, George the Serbian) (1515); New-Martyr Alexander of ThessalonikiThessalonica, who suffered the former Dervish, beheaded at Smyrna(1794); opening Saint Innocent, Bishop of Cherson (1857) (see also [[May 25]] - Greek);New Hieromartyrs Milan Banjac and Milan Golubovic, of Drvar, Serbia (1941-1945);'''Other Commemorations''':Translation of the [[relics]] of Saint Bertilla (692), Abbess of [[w:Chelles Abbey|Chelles Abbey]];Uncovering of the relics (1521) of Venerable Macarius, [[Abbot]] of Kolyazin(1483);Translation of the relics (1534) of New Martyr George of Kratovo and Sofia (1515);The Icon of the Mother of God of Seligersk-Vladimir (16th c.). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|May 26]]</noinclude>

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