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[[Virgin-Martyr]] [[Pelagia of Tarsus]] in Asia Minor (287);
Hieromartyr Albian (Olbian), Bishop of Anaea in Asia Minor, and his disciples (284-303);
Martyrs Aphrodisius, Leontius, Anthony, Valerian, Macrobius, and 60 others, monks at Scythopolis of Palestine (beg. of 4th c.);
Hieromartyr Silvanus of Gaza, bishop, and with him 40 martyrs (311);
Saint Hilary the [[Wonder-worker]] of the desert;
Saint Nicephorus of Medikion, abbot and founder of Medikion Monastery (813)
Saint Athanasios of Corinth, bishop (10th-11th c.);
Hieromartyr Porphyrius (250);
Saint Curcodomus, a deacon in Rome sent to help St Peregrinus (2nd c.);
Hieromartyr Erasmus, Bishop of Formia in Campania, and 20,000 martyrs with him (303);
Martyrs Aphrodisius, Leontius, Anthony, Valerian, Macrobius, and others, monks at Scythopolis of Palestine (beg. of 4th c.);
Martyrs Florian and 40 companions, at Lorsch, Austria (304);
Hieromartyr Silvanus, Bishop of Gaza, and with him 40 martyrs (311);
Saint [[Monica of Hippo|Monica of Tagaste]], the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo (387);
Saint Hilary the Nepotianus, nephew of St Heliodorus, Bishop of Altino near Venice in Italy (395);Saint Venerius of Milan, second bishop of Milan, a loyal supporter of St [[Wonder-workerJohn Chrysostom]] (409);Saint Conleth, first Bishop of Kildare (ca.519);Saint Anthony du Rocher, disciple of St Benedict and companion of St Maurus in his mission to France, founder of the desertmonastery of Saint Julian in Tours (6th c.);
St. Æthelred, king of Mercia and monk (716);
Saint Nicephorus Sacerdos of MedikionLimoges, abbot and founder Bishop of Medikion Monastery Limoges (813720);Saint Athanasios Gotthard of CorinthHildesheim, bishop became Bishop of Hildesheim in 1022 and did much to spread the Faith (10th-11th c.1038);Saint Theodosia (Fedosia), princess Princess of Vladimir, the (''wife of Jaroslav Vsevolodovich; mother of St. Alexander Nevsky '') (1244);Saint Nikephoros Nicephorus (the Solitary, the Hesychast) of [[Mount Athos]], teacher of St. [[Gregory Palamas]] (1340before 1300);
The Alfanov brothers of Novgorod: Saints Nicetas, Cyril, Nicephorus, Clement, and Isaac of Novgorod (14th-15th c.), founders of the Sokolnitzki Monastery in 1389;
New Hieromartyr Dimitri, Archbishop of Gdov (1938);
New Hieromartyr Nicholas, deacon, (1943);
New Hieromartyr Archpriest [[Vasily Martysz]] (1945);
'''Other commemorationsCommemorations:'''
Translation of the relics of the Righteous [[Lazarus]] and Saint [[Mary Magdalene]], [[Equal-to-the-Apostles]];
Icon of the Mother of God "Staro Rus" Old Russian (1570).
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