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Dionysios (Mantalos) of Corinth

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[[Image:bishop of Korinth Dionysios.jpg|thumb|px275|right|His Eminence Dionysios at the [[Monastery of St Patapios (Loutraki, Greece)|Monastery of St. Patapios]], at the celebration of the saint's [[feast day]] - December 8, 2010.]] [[Image:Bishop of Korinth.jpg|thumbnail|right|His Eminence Dionysios of Corinth at St. Patapios monastery ([[April 28]], 2009)]] His Eminence '''Dionysios (Mantalos) of Corinth, Sikyon, Zemenou, Tarsus and Polyfengous''' is the [[Metropolitan]] of the [[Metropolis of Corinth|Metropolis of Corinth, Sikyon, Zemenou, Tarsus and Polyfengous]] under the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Church of Greece]]. The metropolis is located southwest of Athens at the head of the Gulf of Corinth.
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