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Theoklitos (Avrantinis) of Aetolia

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After serving his military service, Luke was [[tonsure]]d a [[monk]] at the Monastery of Agia Lavra in Kalavryta and took the [[monasticism|monastic]] name Theoklitos. In 1943, he was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]], then in 1946 an hieromonk. Father Theoklitos studied theology at the Theological School of the University of Athens, graduating in 1954. He was [[abbot]] of the Monastery of St. Nicholas and rector of the University Church "Kapnikareas". He served as [[Chancellor]] of the Metropolis Aetolia and Acarnania and Patron of the Archdiocese of Athens, with the Archbishop Elder Theoklitos.
Fr. Theoklitos was elected to the [[episcopate]] by the [[Holy Synod|Synod of Bishops]] of the Church of Greece and [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]]Bishop of Aetolia and Acarnania in 1965. He was Vicar of the Metropolis of Nafpaktos, Arta and Agios Vasilios.
As his health was failing, Metr. Theoklitos retired on [[April 6]], 2005. On [[April 15]], 2006, he was presented the highest honor of the [[Holy Synod]] of the Church of Greece, the Golden Cross of the Apostle Paul, by Archbishop [[Christodoulos (Paraskevaides) of Athens]].

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