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List of Orthodox Internet communities

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Below is an incomplete list of sites that offer '''individual''' opinions and thoughts on Orthodoxy. Many of the following individuals have formed something of an intertextual community, and you are likely to find them linking to many other Orthodox sites or blogs, and many interesting non-Orthodox ones as well. However, keep in mind that the authors do not speak for the Church, and may have opinions different from the opinions of other Orthodox Christians.
*[ Greek Orthodox HQ] at [ Greek-Orthodox]
*[ Orthodoxy Community] at [ LiveJournal]
*[ St. Blog's Parish] is a searchable aggregated syndication feed of Catholic and Orthodox blogs. Note: '''Mostly Catholic'''
*[ Greek Orthodox Community and Parish of Prophet Elias Norwood and Eastern Suburbs Inc.] The blog for Greek Orthodox Community and Parish of Prophet Elias Norwood.
*[ Orthodox Kokomo] The blog for St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Christian Church in Kokomo, IN. "Come and see!"
*[ Wonder] Official blog of the Department of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries of the Orthodox Church in America. This blog is particularly geared for young adults and college students, and those who minister to them.
*[ Orthodoxy] A place to discuss the history and faith of Orthodoxy around the world
'''Individual blogs'''
*[ Adventures with my Kids] An Orthodox Christian mom blogging about adventures with her family and teaching her kids about their faith
* [ Arxontarikion] Selected eastern orthodox christian material
*[ Musings from the Fourth Rome] A site dedicated to collecting and posting news from the Orthodox Christian world and other relevant areas.
* [ Franciscan Mafia] - A Protestant (Calvinist) Convert's journey towards Holy Eastern Orthodoxy, includes many quotes from the Fathers, articles on various Theological issues and more.
* [ Journey East] - A Young Couple's Journey to Orthodoxy through a year of exploration (still in progress)
* [ Orthodox Michigan] - A site about the history and presence of Orthodoxy in Michigan also posting news and information on upcoming events.
* Prudence True [ Prudence True] - Orthodoxy: "The Art of Wisdom through Ancient Words." A cradle Orthodox Christian's perspective on the Orthodox faith. Features audio collection from Homilies of Fr. Jon Braun.
* [ Orthodoxos Logos] - A Greek Orthodox blog with many christian orthodoxe radio recordings and other material.
* [ Akathistos]- An Orthodox Blog focusing on mothering, women saints, green-living and being frugal
* [ All of Creation Rejoices] - The musings of a ROCOR reader from Great Britain
* [ The Aurel Jivi Society] - An Orthodox Blog for Theology Students Learning English for Academic Purposes
* [ Bigger than a Breadbox]
*Bishop [[Seraphim (Sigrist) of Sendai|Seraphim (Sigrist)]] - [ Seraphim's LiveJournal]
*Bishop [[Arseny (Heikkinen) of Joensuu |Arseni of Joensuu]] ([[Church of Finland]])- [] Orthodox blog in Finnish
* [ Byzantine, TX] - An Eastern Christian blog
* [ Pactum Serva] - Orthodox blog on subjects ranging from Theology to Culture to Politics
* [ Devshirme] by Fr. Gregory Christakos
* [ Dust and Ashes] - "..but I have chosen you out of the world."
* [ East of Byzantium] - Orthodox blog from China
* [ Everyday Blessings] - Orthodox Christian Blog on maintaining and strengthening faith in a secular world, raising a family in the faith, Bible Study Reflections, Lives of the Saints, and more!
*[ Hellenic Reporter] - Fighting the good fight for all freedoms, including freedom of religion.
* [ Fr. Matthew Thurman's blog]
* [ Fr. Rauno Pietarinen's blog] ([[Church of Finland]]) in Finnish
* [ Gladsome Light Dialogues] A blog administered by Fr. Vasile Tudora featuring Orthodox theology applied to everyday life. "A journey through our faith as we live it every day"
* [ Glen Rose Farm] - "Notes from a Hillside Farm; being Musings and Observations on Life, Letters, and our Most Holy Faith, by a Lawyer, Sheep-farmer, and Communicant of the Orthodox Church"
*[ Greek Orthodox Church of Bordeaux, France] Official Blog of the Greek Orthodox Church and Hellenic Community of Bordeaux (in French). The Church is dedicated to "The Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple" and belongs to the Ecumenical Patriarcate of Constantinople.
* [ Kevin Basil] - "Decimation and Reconstruction"
<!-- * [ Let Us Attend] - "The Orthodox Apologetics Blog" --->
* [ Ancient Church] - The blog formerly known as Minor Clergy
* [ Lithurgy, Theology, and other topics] by hieromonk professor PhD Petru Pruteanu, dean of the Pastoral Theological Faculty from Edinet Moldavia
* [ Milk & Honey] Spiritual Food for Thought
* [ Morning Coffee]
* [ Mother Kristoduli's blog] (The Convent of [[Lintula]], [[Church of Finland]]) in Finnish
<!-- * [ My Journey to Orthodoxy] by [[user:tizzidale|Rusty Tisdale]] --->
* [ Occidentalis] - Dedicated to the Western Rite.
* [ Orthodox Christian West] - News blog for the Orthodox Western Rite.
* [ Orthodox Okie] - a personal blog maintained by Oklahoma native ROCOR layman Aristibule Adams.
* [ Orthodixie] - "Southern, Orthodox, Convert, Etc."
* [ Orth-o-matic] - from Plamen Sivov, in Bulgarian language mainly
* [ OrthodoxyToday Blog] - from Fr. Hans Jacobse
* [ Orthodox Way of Life] Articles and information about how to live an Orthodox Christian life. The blog of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Greenville, SC.
<!-- * [ Orthopraxis] - "A weblog of issues affecting Orthodoxy." --->
* [ Paradosis] - "A handing over, which is done by word of mouth or in writing, i.e. tradition by instruction, narrative, precept, etc."
* [ Paruchia] - blog of ROCOR Western Rite texts and related material.
<!-- * [ Parrhesia] - "Freedom or frankness in speaking; saying freely all that one thinks." --->
* [ Pensate Omnia (Weigh all Things)] "Orthodox faith; language and literature; ideas in science, politics, history, art and poetry; whatever I find edifying or fun, these things I hope to write about and explore by posting thoughts, papers, links etc."
* [ Pleroma] "Setting forth and defending the Apostolic Tradition"
* [ Ramblings of a Single Dad] - "An adoptive single Orthodox father rambles on faith, fatherhood, family, and friends."
* [ Russian Orthodox Icons' Gallery] - "This Blog is devoted to describing of hand-written Russian Orthodox icons from a Gallery, which is located in the heart of Old Riga, Latvia"
*[ Saint George Speaks] "Articles from Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral Publications"
* [ Salt of the Earth] "In Him We Live And Move and Have Our Being"
* [ Phil (SILOUAN)] - "Why would a nice Protestant guy join the Orthodox Church?."
<!-- * Simeon's Hit & Miss of Filosofical Thought --->
* [ Stephanos of Nikopolis] - "Aphorisms and essays on moral philosophy, theology, Orthodox spiritual life, and New Testament commentary."
* [ St. Stephen's Musings] by Karl Thienes - "Thoughts and reflections on Eastern Orthodox theology, various philosophical issues, and a variety of social/political events."
* [ Sunday to Sunday] - "an online journal that chronicles my communion with Christ and His church."
* [ This is Life: Revolutions Around the Cruciform Axis] - by Clifton Healy, an "Orthodox wannabe"
* [ Torrent of Consciousness] - "It is what it is."
<!-- * [] - "A weblog on Eastern Orthodoxy, theology, philosophy, academia, nonsense and Siberian speed knitting." --->
<!-- * chrysostom407 - "An Orthodox Christian's Blog" --->
* [ Western Orthodoxy] - "An Unofficial Blog Dedicated to the Western Rite within the Orthodox Church."
* [ A Catechumen's Walk] - "My thoughts and meditations as I delve into the ancient paths of the Church"
* [ Saint-Materne] Musing on the roots of Orthodox Belgium, 19 centuries Christian. (in French)
* [ "La Voile"], "The Sail" online journal of a Belgian Orthodox study group (in French)
* [] A church tech blog
* [] The official blog of Fr. Bishoy Andrawes, Priest of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington, DC
* [ now and ever] ..:in search of a john 3:8 hurricane:..
* [ Woman, Thou Art Awesome] A blog devoted to the lives of Women Saints in the Orthodox Church
* [ Orthodox Christian Bible Studies Blog] Discusses the development of online, interactive multimedia Bible study resources.
* [ Monasticism] by Rev. Fr. Peter-Michael Preble of St. Michael’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Southbridge, MA
* [ The Burning Bush]
* [ Antioch Abouna] An Antiochian Orthodox priest writes from the UK
* [ Running The Race] The musings of a recent evangelical convert to the Eastern Orthodox Church who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.
* [ WindowIntoHeaven] Byzantine Iconography by the hand of Anna Edelman
* [ Nothing Hypothetical] Orthodox Christian Poetry by David Dickens
* [ Hidden in Plain Sight: Ancient Faith in a Modern World] A blog about faith and modern society from the vantage point of two young Orthodox Christians.
* [ Teach Me Your Statutes] A family of American converts details how the live and understand the Orthodox Faith.
*[ 'Ask About The Orthodox Faith'] Facebook community
*[ Orthodox family and parenting discussion community] A new forum dedicated to Orthodox families and parenting.
*[ DotCollective Forum] A moderated forum for Orthodox Christian artists.
*[ Illumination Learning] A hub for finding Orthodox Christian education resources and sharing them with each other
*[ Eastern Orthodox Christian Forum] A moderated forum for non threatening Orthodox discussion.
*[ Arxontarikion] Selected eastern orthodox christian material
*[ The Ancient Way - Eastern Orthodox], hosted by [ Christian Forums]
*[ Discussion Community] - Online study and discourse of Orthodoxy through patristic and monastic theological heritage.
<!-- *The [ Indiana list] is one of the oldest and is known for its conservative leanings and feisty discussion. -->
*[ OCNet] - The Orthodox Christian Network. Orthodox discussion forums available as mailing lists, BBS conferences, newsgroups etc.
*[ Arxontarikion] Selected eastern orthodox christian material
* [ Orthodox Christian Business Directory] - Part of [ OrthodoXCircle]
*[] - "Orthodox Christian Artist Community Directory"
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* [[Orthodox Blogs]]
* [[Orthodox Media]]
* [[Orthodox Newsfeeds]]

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