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Peter Gillquist

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Upbringing and education
== Upbringing and education ==
Born in [[w:Minneapolis, Minnesota|Minneapolis, Minnesota]], Gillquist grew up nominally [[w:Lutheranism|Lutheran]]. He attended the [[w:University of Minnesota|University of Minnesota]] where he received a B.A. degree in journalism and was active in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. While at university he became involved with the [[w:Campus Crusade for Christ|Campus Crusade for Christ]] evangelistic organization and became a born-again Christian.<ref>[ “Reverend Speaks on His Conversion”, ''North Texas Daily'', 2/25/2005]</ref>
Gillquist pursued graduate studies at [[w:Dallas Theological Seminary|Dallas Theological Seminary]] and at [[w:Wheaton College (Illinois)|Wheaton College]].<ref>[ Wordirect Board of Directors biography]</ref> After graduating, he became a full-time staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ in the 1960s, starting a ministry at the [[w:University of Notre Dame|University of Notre Dame]] and ultimately becoming a regional director with the organization. After several years with Campus Crusade, Gillquist worked for three years at the [[w:University of Memphis|University of Memphis]], then for 11 years with [[w:Thomas Nelson (publisher)|Thomas Nelson Publishing]] in [[w:Nashville, Tennessee|Nashville|Nashville, Tennessee|Nashville]], where he eventually became a senior editor.<ref>[ Gillquist, Peter E. "Raising Children with Christ, Compassion, and Commitment"]</ref> In 1975 he served on the Overview Committee for Nelson's [[w:New King James Version|New King James Version]] of the Bible.<ref>[ NKJV Translators]</ref>
Gillquist was the father of six children and grandfather of 19 grandchildren.

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