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Paul II (Lebedev) of Kazan

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Born '''Pyotr Vasilyevich Lebedev''' (Пётр Васильевич Лебедев) in [[December 12 december ]], 1827. In 1871, he was assigned as the ruling hierarch in Bessarabia, of the [[Diocese]] of Kishniece and Khotin, where he initiated a campaign of Russification of the local Orthodox population. In 1882, he was transferred to Georgia as the Exarch of Georgia. In 1887, he was transferred to the [[Diocese of Kazan|Eparchy of Kazan]] and Sviyazhsk, trading positions with Abp. [[Palladius (Rayev-Pisarev) of St. Petersburg|Palladius (Rayev-Pisarev)]] as ruling hierarchs.
He died [[April 23]], 1892 during reading the prayer to the Blessed Virgin. He buried in Kazan.
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