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Nikephoros of Chios

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St. Nikephoros was a [[hieromonk]] born around 1750 in the town of Kardamyla, in the northeastern part of the famous Aegean island of [[Metropolis of Chios|Chios]]. As a child he fell seriously ill with a contagious disease. His parents vowed that if he survived he would be given as a [[monk]] to the [[monastery]] of [[Nea Moni of Chios|Nea Moni]]. He recovered from his illness and became a monk, studying at the famous Chiote school.
His mentors included Fr. [[Neophytus Kafsokalyvitis]] <ref>A jewish man who became an Athonite monk and later a director of the Chiote School.</ref>, Fr. [[Athanasius of Paros]] and St. [[Macarius Notaras of Corinth|Macarius of Corinth]] <ref>St. Macarius of Corinth had the greatest influence on Nikephoros.</ref>. He was ordained and elected an abbot of Nea Moni <ref>He reisgned before his two-year term ended because he did not like handling the estate's finances and spiritual matters that were met with resistance by the monks of the monastery.</ref>.
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