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Nicholas (Yarushevich) of Krutitsy

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[[File:Nicholas (Yarushevich).JPG|right|thumb|Metropolitan Nicholas (Yarushevich).]]
'''Metropolitan Nicholas''' ({{lang-ru|Митрополит Николай}}, born as decular name '''Boris Dorofeyevich Yarushevich''' (, {{lang-ru|Борис Дорофеевич Ярушевич}}; [[January 13]], 1892 <small>(December 31, 1891 [[wikipedia:Old Style and New Style dates|OS]])</small>, [[wikipedia:Kaunas|Kovno]] – [[December 13]], 1961, [[wikipedia:Moscow|Moscow]]), was a [[bishop]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church]].  {{Template:Incomplete}}
He supported the controversial 1927 declaration of [[Sergius (Stragorodsky) of Moscow|Metropolitan Sergius]], pledging loyalty of the Church to the Soviet authorities without concurrence of the imprisoned Patriarchal ''locum tenens'', [[Peter (Polyansky) of Krutitsy]], and Sergius' subsequent collaboration with them.
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before=?- |title = Archbishop of Peterhof|years = 1922&mdash;1940|after = Marcel (Vetrov) }}{{succession|before = [[Alexius (Gromadsky) of Volhynia|Alexius (Gromadsky)]] |title=Metropolitan of Volhyniaand Lutsk|years=19411940&mdash;1942|after=?[[Alexius (Gromadsky) of Volhynia|Alexius (Gromadsky)]] }}
title= Metropolitan of Kievand Galiсia|years=1942-1944|after=?[[John (Sokolov) of Kiev|John (Sokolov)]]}}
before=?[[Peter (Polyansky) of Krutitsy|Peter (Polyansky)]]|title=Metropolitan of Krutitsyand Kolomna|
after=?Pitirim (Sviridov)}}
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