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Nicholas (Yarushevich) of Krutitsy

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In 1941 he became Metropolitan of [[wikipedia:Volhynia|Volhynia]] and [[wikipedia:Lutsk|Lutsk]] and later, after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, Metropolitan of [[wikipedia:|Kiev]] and [[wikipedia:Galicia (Central Europe)|Galicia]]. Later, as the German troops advanced, he was evacuated to Moscow.
On September 4, 1943, together with Metropolitan Sergius and Metropolitan [[Alexei I (Simansky) of Moscow|Alexius]], Nicholas had a meeting with Soviet leader [[wikipedia:Joseph Stalin|Joseph Stalin]], where the latter proposed to reestablish the Moscow Patriarchate and elect the [[Patriarch of Moscow|Patriarch]]. On September 8, 1943, when the Moscow Patriarchate was reestablished, Nikolay became a permanent member of the [[Holy Synod]]. In 1944 he was appointed Metropolian of [[wikipedia:Krutitsy|Krutitsy]]. In 1946, when the External Church Relations Department was established within the Patriarchate, Metropolitan Nikolay became its chairman. In 1947 he became Meptropolitan of Krutitsy and [[wikipedia:Kolomna|Kolomna]].
In 1950 he became a member of the [[World Peace Council]], occupying a staunchly pro-Soviet position.<ref name="times">,9171,805739,00.html</ref>

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