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Hallvard of Norway

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Saint '''Hallvard Vebjørnsson of Norway''' , also '''Hallvard of Husaby''' or '''Halward of Oslo''' (''Hallvard Den Hellige'') (c. 1020–1043), commonly referred to as Saint Hallvard, is the [[patron saint]] of Oslo, Norway. He is considered a [[martyr]] because of his defence of an innocent woman.His feast day is [[May 14]].<ref name=LATIN>''[ May 14].'' Latin Saints of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome.</ref>
St. Hallvard was celebrated as a local saint in Norway - and especially in the eastern region - throughout the Middle Ages. His religious [[feast day ]] was formerly on [[May 14]],<ref name="LATIN"/><ref name=RABEN>Katherine I. Rabenstein. ''[ Halward of Oslo].'' Saints of the Day - St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Washington, D.C.</ref> but was later changed to [[May 15]]. Hallvard has been revered as a martyr for his defence defense of an innocent person since medieval times.
Hallvard's Cathedral (Hallvardskatedralen), a [[cathedral]] dedicated to his name was finished in Oslo in 1130, where his [[relics]] were stored.
The connection of St. Hallvard to the city of Oslo was fortified by the fact that his image was recorded in the city's seal already on the 14th century. The municipality's highest honor, the St. Hallvard Medal (St. Hallvard-medaljen), was named after him in 1950.
In art, Saint Halward is a young prince holding a millstone.<ref name="RABEN"/>
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