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[[File:Joshua Orthodox.jpg|100px|Righteous Jesus of Navi (Joshua).]]<br>
[[Image:Symeon the Stylite.jpg|100px|Saint Symeon the Stylite]]
</div>The  '''Feasts''': Start of the [[Indiction]], beginning of the [[Church Calendar|Liturgical yearYear]]; Protection of the [[VenerableEnvironmental ethics|Environment]] [[Symeon the Stylite]] with his mother MarthaDay (Eastern Orthodox Earth Day) (1989); '''Saints''': Righteous [[Martyr]] [[Acepsimus, Joseph, and AeithalasJoshua of Navi|AeithalasJoshua]] , the [[Deacon]] son of PersiaNun (ca. 16th c. BC); holy Martyrs Callista and her brothers Evodos and Hermogenes at Nicomedia (309); Holy 40 [[ascetic]] virgin-martyrs and their teacher the Martyr [[Hieromartyr Ammon the Deacon]] at Heraclea in Thrace(321-323); Martyrs Callista and her brothers Evodos and Hermogenes at Nicomedia; Martyr [[RighteousAcepsimus, Joseph, and Aeithalas|Aeithalas]] the [[Joshua of Navi|JoshuaDeacon]]of Persia (380); Venerable Martha, the son mother of NunSt Simeon Stylites (428); Saint [[synaxisSymeon the Stylite]] the Elder (459); Venerable Evanthia; Saint Symeon of Lesbos (ca. 845); Hieromartyr Priscus of Capua, first Bishop of Capua in Italy, where he was sent by the MostApostle Peter, and martyred under Nero (ca. 66); Hieromartyr Terentian, Bishop of Todi in Umbria in Italy, under Hadrian (118); Virgin-martyr Vibiana, in Rome, whose relics are now venerated in Los Angeles, of which she is the main patron-saint (3rd c.); Saint Sixtus of Reims, first Bishop of Rheims in France (ca. 300); Hieromartyr Firminus of Amiens, third Bishop of Amiens in France (ca. 303); The 12 Holy [[Theotokos|Mother Brothers, Martyrs, who suffered in the south of God]] Italy and were brought together and enshrined at Miasena Monastery Benevento in memory 760 (ca. 303): Donatus, Felix, Arontius, Honoratus, Fortunatus, Sabinian, Septimius, Januarius, another Felix, Vitalis, Sator, and Repositus; Saint Verena of finding her [[icon]] Zurzach (Switzerland) (ca. 350); Saint Victorius (Victurius), a disciple of St. Martin of Tours who became Bishop of Le Mans in 864France in ca. 453 (ca. 490); Venerable [[Evanthia]]Saint Constantius of Aquino, Bishop of Aquino in Italy (ca. 520); Venerable Saint Regulus (San Regolo), exiled from North Africa by the Arian Vandals, he landed in Tuscany in Italy and was martyred under Totila (545); Saint Lupus of Sens, a monk at Lérins who became Bishop of Sens in France in 609 (623); Saint Nivard of Rheims, Archbishop of Rheims in France (673); Saint Giles (Aegidius), monastic founder along the Rhone (ca. 712); Saint Lythan (Llythaothaw), a saint in Wales to whom two churches are dedicated; Saints Giles (Aegidius) and Arcanus, founded a monastery that later grew into Borgo San Sepulcro in central Italy (1050); Saint Meletius the New Younger, of Thebes, Greece(1105); Venerable Nicholas of Courtaliatis in Crete, monk (1670); [[New-Martyr]] [[Angelis of Constantinople]](1680); [[Nicholas Venerable Anthony of Crete]], [[monk]].Agyia; Saint Haido of Stanos (1820-1821); Virgin-martyrs Tatiana and Natalia (1937); '''Other events:Commemorations''' ; commemoration : Commemoration of the [[Great Fire at of Constantinople(ca. 470); [[Synaxis]] about 470 A.D.of the Most-Holy [[Theotokos]] of Miasena Monastery, in memory of the finding of her icon (864); celebration Celebration of the first [[miracle]] of the [[Icon of the Theotokos (Eletskaya) at Chernigov-Gethsemane]](Chernihiv-Hefsemanska) (1869); celebration Celebration of the "All-Blessed" or "Pamakarista" Icon (11th c.) of Our Lady of the Theotokos at Kazan; Day of the Protection of the Environment (Eastern Orthodox Earth Day) (19891905). <noinclude>[[Category: Calendar day templates|September 01]]</noinclude>

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