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Church of Greece structure

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During the period following World War I, agreements were reached among the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Church of Greece, and the Government of Greece concerning the News Lands in which the New Lands remained within the jurisdiction of the Church of Constantinople but de facto were made part of the Church of Greece for administration under an agreement between the churches of Athens and Constantinople and under which the Ecumenical Patriarch is commemorated. <ref>[ Commemoration of the Name of the Bishop during the Divine Liturgy]</ref>
[[File:ChurchInGreece.png| right|thumb|200px|Jurisdictional divisions of the Orthodox Church in Greece-Crete (Constantinople also has jurisdiction over Heraklion)]]
Thus, the structure of the Orthodox Church within the nation of Greece is divided into three categories:
*that part fully under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece as the '''Archdiocese of Athens''',

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