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Church of Greece structure

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*[[Metropolis of Nea Smyrni]]
*[[Metropolis of Nicea]]
*[[Metropolis of Paramythia]]
*[[Metropolis of Paronaxia]]
*[[Metropolis of Sidirokastron]]
*[[Metropolis of Filippoi, Neapolis and Thasos]]
*[[Metropolis of Goumenissa, Axioupolis and Polykastron]]
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*[[Metropolis of Grevena]]
*[[Metropolis of Ierissos, Agion Oros and Ardamerion]]
*[[Metropolis of Ioannina]]
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*[[Metropolis of Kassandreia]]
*[[Metropolis of Kastoria]]
*[[Metropolis of Nikopolis and Preveza]]
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*[[Metropolis of Paramythia, Philiata, Geromerion, and Parga]]
*[[Metropolis of Polyani and Kilkis]]
*[[Metropolis of Samos and Ikaria]]

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