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Philaret (Voznesensky) of New York

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In mid 1945, after the Communist Chinese and Soviet forces took over Manchuria at the end of World War II, Archim. Philaret remained with the Orthodox believers in Manchuria, but he firmly rejected all attempts to get him to accept a soviet passport. Further, he fearlessly denounced the atheistic communists. His overt position against the soviets placed him in great personal danger. Their hatred of him resulted in an attempt to burn him alive in his [[monasticism|monastic]] [[cell]]. He escaped, but suffered severe burns.
In 1962, the [[Synod]] of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia was able to acquire a exit visa for Archim. Philaret that allowed him to reach Hong Kong. From there Archim. Philaret quickly traveled to Brisbane, Australia where many of his former flock in Manchuria had settled. After his arrival in Brisbane, his followers petition the Synod of ROCOR to appoint him their [[bishop]].  On May 24, 1963 The profession of faith by Archim. Philaret was received in the Archbishop's Chapel by Abp [[Sava (Rayevsky) of Sydney|Sava of Sydney]], Bp [[Anthony (Medvedev) of San Francisco|Anthony of Melbourne]] and Bp [[Dionysios (Psiahas) of Proussa|Dionysios of Nazianzos]] ([[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia|GOA]]). With the active support of the ailing Abp. Sava of Sydney, Archim. Philaret became Bishop of Brisbane, [[vicar]] of the Australian [[diocese]]. Archim. Philaret was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] by Abp. Sava and Bp. Anthony of Melbourne on [[May 26]], 1963. Due to protests from committee members of Sts Peter and Paul Church, Bp Dionysios was asked not to participate in the consecration.
In 1964, Bp. Philaret represented Abp. Sava at a meeting of the Council of Bishops of ROCOR in which the first hierarch Metr. Anastassy announced his resignation. As the youngest bishop among those at the council, the Council elected Bp. Philaret the successor to Metr. Anastassy. Metr. Philaret was [[enthronement|enthroned]] first hierarch of ROCOR on [[May 14]], 1964.
== Canonizations ==
Ну Нe was canonized by the number of non-canonical church groups, derive his succession from the ROCOR.
On May 19 – 20, 2001 Metropolitan Philaret was glorified by the True Orthodox Church of Greece ("Boston Synod").
before=[[Athanasy (Martos) of Buenos Aires|Athanasy (Martos)]]|
title=Bishop of Brisbane <br>(ROCOR)|
after=[[Constantine (Essensky) of Richmond|Constantine (Essensky)]]}}
before=[[Vitaly (Maximenko) of Jersey City|Vitaly (Maximenko)]]|
title=Metropolitan of [[Diocese of Eastern American and New York (ROCOR)|Eastern America and New York]]<br>(ROCOR)|
after=[[Vitaly (Ustinov) of New York|Vitaly (Ustinov)]]}}
before=[[Anastasy (Gribanovsky) of Kishinev|Anastasy (Gribanovsky)]]|
title=First Hierarch of the ROCOR|
after=[[Vitaly (Ustinov) of New York|Vitaly (Ustinov)]]}}

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