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Hi Julius and Arbible,
I've reverted the paragraph in question because the earlier paragraph conformed better to our policy of NPOV than the strongly reworded version. <br>'''To Arbible''' - you don't have to react so strongly! OrthodoxWiki does not exist to take an anti-unionist position, nor do we seek a shallow union - the purpose of OrthodoxWiki is to provide information, and eventually, I hope, highlight the strongest arguments and resources on both sides of the issue. <br>'''To Julius''' - I would be grateful if you created a section with a separate heading, something like "Objections to Union" and posed your arguments in as objective a way as possible, focussing on sources, data, facts rather than direct polemic. A pro-unionist case should be made the same way, while the head of the article should just give a general description of the basic picture. I think the reverted paragraph does a decent job of this for now.
Hope that helps! [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]
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