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Nikodim (Rotov) of Leningrad

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In addition to his ecclesial positions, Metr. Nikodim held a number of administrative positions as well as took part as a delegate to various international religious meetings. Many of these positions placed him in the international religious arena apparently representing a religious face for the Soviet Union. These positions included head of the Department of Foreign Church Relations from 1960 to 1972 and of the Editorial Board of the Patriarchate from 1960 to 1963. The meetings included heading the Russian Orthodox Church delegations to Pan-Orthodox meetings in 1961, 1961, 1964, and 1968. In 1975, he was named President of the World Congress of Churches.
Metr. Nikodim reposed collapsed and died in Rome, Italy on [[September 5]], 1978, where he was representing the Church of Russia in the enthronement of [[Pope]] John Paul I. The new pope, who would himself die a few weeks later, prayed over him in his final moments. Metr. Nikodim was buried in the Nikolskoe Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky [[Lavra]], in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg.
During his career Metr. Nikodim bore a reputation in the West as an agent of the Soviet regime, presenting for it an agenda of the Soviet images of peace and unity in international meetings he attended. For many, he was considered an agent of the Soviet government, possibly of the KGB.

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