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Metropolis of Didymotichon, Orestias and Soufli

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The metropolis is located in northern Greece in Thrace adjacent to the modern border with Turkey.
==MetropolitanMetropolitans==His Eminence Metropolitan *Damaskinos (Karpathakis) 2009 - Present*[[Nikiforos (Archagelidis) of Didymotichon, Orestias and Soufli|Nikiforos (Archagelidis)]] was born in 1931 in Ferres, Evros. He was elected and 1988 - 2009*[[consecrationAgathangelos (Tampouratzakis) of New Smyrna|consecratedAgathangelos (Tampouratzakis)]] bishop in 1988 1974-1986*[[Hilarion of Didymotichon|Hilarion]] ca.1341-1343 []
#The Holy Monastery of Panagia of Dadia, Soufli.- For Men
==Local Saints==
*The Metropolis of Didymotichon, Orestias and Soufli [ Official Website] (Greek and English)/EnDioceses/Didymoteixon.html Holy Metropolis of Didymoteixon and Orestias] *[ Church of Greece Website] (Greek and English)/holysynod/hierarchy.htm Holy Synod]
[[Category:Dioceses|Didymotichon, Orestias and Soufli]]
[[Category:Greek Dioceses|Didymotichon, Orestias and Soufli]]

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