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Monastery of Pantanassa (Mangrove Mountain, New South Wales)

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On July 16, 2005, the foundation stone of the main church ('katholikon') was laid by Archbishop Stylianos, assisted by Bishop [[Seraphim (Ginis) of Apollonias|Seraphim]]. Soon after, the driveway for the new monastic complex was finished, making possible the construction of the new complex. The first phase of this construction - the church and first part of the living quarters - was begun in February 2006. Construction continues and will continue for the foreseeable future.
Around 2010-2011, Elder Stephanos retired as abbot of the monastery, while remaining at the monastery; he was Hmk Eusebios succeeded him, being elevated to Archimandrite on [[September 14]] by Hieromonk Eusebios, who was Bp [[Iakovos (Tsigounis) of Miletoupolis]] and subsequently enthroned as Abbot on [[September 17]], 2011.
==Monastic Complex==
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