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Augustine (Markevitch) of Lviv

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In 1994 he concelebrated the [[Pascha|Paschal]] Liturgy with Patriarch [[Diodoros I (Karivalis) of Jerusalem]], who later addressed a special message to the clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Lviv.
In January 1997 as a member of the Synodal Theological Commission, together with Bishop [ [Eugene (Reshetnikov) of VereyVereya]], he spoke in favour of limiting the participation of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]] in the [[World Council of Churches]] and in other ecumenical organizations, and proposed to move from the status of a member of these organizations to the status of an observer.
On February 17, 1997, he addressed the Bishops Council of the Russian Orthodox Church with a call to [[Anathema|anathematize]] the former Metropolitan [[w:Patriarch Filaret (Denysenko)|Filaret (Denisenko)]] and former priest [[w:Gleb Yakunin|Gleb Yakunin]].
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